Macchiato Espresso Bar – New York NY

Ok I know this is BNE COFFEE aka a Brisbane based coffee blog but this past July I was in New York for a few days and in our travels I stopped at a few different cafe’s .. most of which I was not impressed with. In fact the worst espresso I had was in Little Italy. Then on my last day in the big apple I was getting ready to give up on finding a decent coffee when I stumbled upon Macchiato Espresso Bar in midtown. After all the bad experiences I nervously entred to what was a surprisingly very cool modern vibe. I had ordered a piccolo and was amazed at how good this coffee was.


The service was fast and the staff were very friendly. They seemed to attract the business crowd but there were a few tourists lurking as well (inlcuding me). I loved the whole look of the cafe. It was bright, modern and classy and it fit perfectly into its midtown location. You’ll find Macchiato Espresso Bar a few blocks east of grand central station on 141 East 44th Street.


Before we left I had a double shot latte and I was again very impressed by the quality of the coffee. The pour was pretty close to perfect and the over all taste was strong with no bitterness to be found. So .. if you find yourself in New York and can’t find a decent coffee these guys are worth a visit. For info check out



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