The Corner Store Cafe – Toowong

In the past year I have seen a few suburban cafes pop up but I have to say “The Corner Store Cafe” has just raised the bar a little higher in the suburban cafe race. They use locally roasted beans via Cleanskin Coffee Co. and are currently serving blend #7 as their house blend. I had a variety of coffee’s in the 3 hours I spent there and all of them we’re great. They have a great food menu that is one of the most affordable I have seen in a while so the value for money is great.

One of the interesting elements of this cafe is that it really is partially a corner store. You can go in and buy a 2 liter milk or a can of coke with your take away coffee as well as other items that are on the shelves all around you as you walk in the front door. The corner store element is so carefully blended into the cafe element that you barely notice it at first which says to me they put a lot of time and energy into getting the cafe / corner store balance just right. On a personal note .. I love the fact that i can have a coke with my espresso at this cafe .. no other cafe I’ve reviewed allows you to buy a good old can of coke with your coffee.

On my second day spending some time at this cafe they were just putting the finishing touches on a very large modern outdoor area. At first glance this cafes size is deceiving but it actually seats 120 people which I do believe makes it the largest suburban cafe in Brisbane.  I was very impressed with the attention to detail in the fittings of this cafe. When you go, make sure you have a good look around. The sliding doors to the outdoor area look like shelves on a glass wall which I thought was very innovative.

I added a few more photos then normal so you could get a good idea of how big this cafe is. I have uploaded even more pics to our facebook page. You can view the album here This is a great edition to the Brisbane coffee scene and I can easily predict that it will become a very popular spot for locals and coffee geeks alike. As a matter of fact, on my second day at this cafe they were getting absolutly slammed with customers which isn’t bad considering they have only been open for a week. So make sure you put this on your list of cafes to check out.

Have you been to The Corner Store Cafe? Join in on the discussion and tell us what you think.

[ The Corner Store Cafe discussion thread ]


113 Sylvan Road, Toowong

Trading hours:
7 Days a week
7am – 3pm

07 3870 2223

Facebook and twitter pages are in the works and I will post links as soon as they are online. 😉 In the mean time you can direct your tweets to @barista_kane as he is the man behind the Synesso!

Update! The Corner Store Cafe is now on twitter. Follow them >> @cornerstorecafe



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  1. This looks absolutely amazing. I’ve been following Kane’s updates on Twitter and spotted a few pics here and there but your photos Peter really show off the size!

    Brisbane’s specialty coffee scene is growing so rapidly at the moment and with the amount of detail and effort they have put into Corner Store I’m sure they’ll become a Brisbane icon.

    I’ll endeavour to get in over the weekend to foodspot their coffee myself.

    Well done Corner Store, well done Peter!


    • Thanks Mike! Been doing some major updates while on holidays .. booked my holidays at the right time with the corner store opening this week and Pourboy Espresso opening on Monday .. stoked!

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