My journey from blogger to barista

For the past decade my coffee journey has developed and grown into a passion. So much so that over the past few years a few things have happened to make me take stock of whats important in life. After some encouragement from a few friends in the Brisbane coffee scene I have begun my cross over into the world of the barista. I started this blog because I wanted to highlight the cafes and specialty coffee shops that are really passionate about coffee.

Its only been a few weeks since I started my learning process at a friends cafe but I am quickly seeing a whole new side to what it means to make a quality cup of coffee. As I learn the key elements that go into making a coffee, from the dosing, watching the pour and milk techniques I am gaining a whole new perspective from the other side of the machine that is giving me an even greater insight into what it means to make a great cup of coffee. I’ve always had high standards for what I consider is a great cup of coffee and now I have to channel those standards into my own coffee and I am loving every minute of it. Although it can be frustrating at times I love the learning process and the satisfaction you get when you get something right.

Over the next year I will post updates about my journey into the world of the barista. And for those of you wondering .. no, I haven’t purchased a fixed wheel bike or suddenly started listening to emo music. Stay tuned for my next entry 😉


About petergraham

Hi there .. my name is Peter Graham, welcome to my official blog. I am 34 years old. I am originally from Windsor Ontario Canada. for the pa

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  1. Great job; it’s a great profession. I hope to find a good place in the world of coffee!

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