Growing up in the blue collar town of Windsor Ontario Canada I was all about perculated coffee, Tim Horton’s coffee to be exact. Better known as doughnut shops then coffee shops they are a part of the culture of working class Canadians and Americans alike. They are generally opened 24 hours, most of them have drive trough’s and a very large selection of doughnuts, bagels and sandwiches. Sometime in the late 90’s I started getting into espresso based coffee. It wasn’t until I moved to Brisbane Australia that I started really getting serious about coffee.

In the past couple of years the coffee culture in Brisbane has exploded. I believe Brisbane has some of the top specialty coffee shops in the country and that is why in early 2009 I started this blog. Brisbane coffee drinkers are slowly but surely stepping out of the corporate chains and discovering the joys of locally roasted coffee made by people who are truly passionate about the art of coffee.

I am by no means a coffee expert, just a very fussy coffee snob who loves a good piccolo. So what makes a good cafe? Well to me its a mix of great coffee, a great barista and a great vibe. If you have all three of those qualities you can put your cafe in the basement of a warehouse and the true coffee snobs will still find you. Thats what I love about the Brisbane coffee scene. A lot of cafes gain respect just by word of mouth from other coffee drinkers. I dont waste time writing about the cafes where I’ve had bad experiences, I’d much rather focus on the cafes I love and the people who run them. If I do have a bad coffee somewhere I simply dont go back. So enjoy my rants and please join in on the discussion threads on our facebook page .. you will find the links to these discussion threads at the bottom of every article.


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