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Pourboy Espresso – Brisbane CBD

I’ve had the pleasure of drinking many of Mecca Espresso’s single origins via the second grinder at One Drop Specialty Coffee so I already had high expectations when I heard Pourboy Espresso was going to be the first espresso bar in Brisbane to be using Mecca Espresso beans and my expectations were most certainly met.

Pourboy serves up a mecca house blend consisting of Ethiopian boldgrain 34% Ethiopian Sidamo OCR 33% and Costa Rica Don Jose washed 33% which is known as the dark horse blend. In the second grinder they serve up various single origins via mecca. At the time of this review they were pouring a very smooth and chocolaty Guatemalan which I had in a picollo and was very impressed.

The staff are very friendly and the owners are very passionate about coffee which is of course a key criteria for any serious espresso bar / specialty coffee shop. The Brisbane CBD has been in dire need of a new cafe that serves up a bean like Mecca’s and I can easily predict that Pourboy will quickly become on of the CBD’s top hot spots within a matter of weeks.

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26 Wharf Street, Brisbane CBD

Trading hours:
Mon – Fri : 6:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 7:00am – 2:00pm